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11-23-2006, 05:05 AM
Just a few thoughts if anyone cares before I go to bed after a rollercoaster night with the rolling stones... I may elaborate this into a fuller review tomorrow, I may not, we shall see...

First off, to the idiots who thought that rescheduling a rolling stones concert at dodger stadium all the way on the east end of los angeles, from a saturday, to a wednesday where half the people are leaving work and the other half are fleeing town for thanksgiving... seriously go fuck yourselves.. it is because of this that i spent 3 hours going 8 miles on sunset blvd. and along with 10,000 other people, missed the beginning of the show. oh, and thanks for charging me $20 to park and then not having a spot for me, and thanks to the cops for not noticing i was parked illegally in a firelane at the stadium for the whole show.

Now, the show:
As much as people like to criticize the stones for being little more then a nostalgia act, it doesn't matter they still put on one hell of a show. Although I don't know what opened or how many songs I missed I estimate it at being 2-3. I also thank the stones for taking the stage 45 minutes later then expected most likely because they knew 10,000-20,000 people were still trying to get inside.

Of what I saw, began with a stellar Its Only Rock N'Roll, and was followed up by a great rendition of Lets spend the night together. This was followed up by what started as the most personally exciting song of the night, Dead Flowers, which is a big deal for me because its the first song I learned to play on the guitar. The song started off great, but then Bonnie Raitt came out and butchered it worse then Dave's memory motel fiasco that he joked about at the dave and tim shows.. it was still cool though. Next up was a series of misc. tunes that my section wasn't really in to, some from a bigger bang, some older, nothing stellar, followed up by a couple other serious highlights, Midnight Rambler, which went on forever and saw the rocking of the harmonica and Tumbling Dice. After a couple expected but useless Keith Richards songs, the later part of the show rocked. Beginning with Under My Thumb the band tore into a series of classics that got the crowd even in my upper deck cheering and screaming. During Under My Thumb the coolest thing I have ever seen happened. (For those of you have seen this tour, disregard becuase you already know about it.) Instead of the usual band running out to the center stage, the center section of the stage itself proceeded to move on tracks out to the center of the audience before the end of under my thumb. It was from here that the band (after another misc. song I can't remember which I believe is from a bigger bang) kicked into high gear with Start Me Up, and Honky Tonk Woman. At the end of the latter, the stage section started to move back across the audience to rejoin the main stage which had a giant inflatable tongue and lips that had appeared at the state of Honky Tonk Woman. The biggest highlight of the night followed with an exciting Sympathy for the Devil, complete with the best light show of the night, and tons of smoke and pyrotechnics. They closed out the set with Paint It Black and Satisfaction, which concluded with further special effects. The encore was a never ending version of Brown Sugar that had much of the crows singing along, and much of the crowd racing to the parking lot to find their cars.

The show was about 2 hours, the lighting setup was good, iwth a giant screen above the double layered stage, and a giant LED projection on either side of the stage in front of what apperaed to be some kind of luxury boxes or press boxes. Mick was racing around all night, but looked really tired near the end of the show. I would love to know what I missed in the beginning, but I still had a blast. This just goes to show that being a "nostalgia act" can still entertain large crowds who know exactly what to expect. It was probably a better show then the one I saw in 2002, but having missed the beginning I wasn't in the best mood. Acoustics at Dodger Stadium were pretty good and as far as stadiums go, I enjoyed the atmosphere a little more then I expected.

Oh, and escaping the parking lot was a nightmare but I am happy to say that there was no ticket on my car in the dodger stadium fire lane..

and yes, I'm aware I ended up writing a full review after all... if you got this far.. :upyours

11-23-2006, 10:08 AM
Midnight Rambler would have been the highlight for me. I'd like to see a Stones show again. Last time I saw them was SARSstock in 2003, and the set was about 1.5 hours. Mick can't hold a note anymore, but it was still fun.

11-23-2006, 10:19 AM
I was lucky enough to catch the tour opener at Foxboro a few months back. A truly terrific concert.

11-23-2006, 10:20 AM
Glad you enjoyed what you saw Fish.

11-23-2006, 01:54 PM
other then the traffic disaster it was fun.. i still love the stones.