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12-10-2006, 07:18 PM
San Francisco, CA December 8, 2006 08:38 PM

Set One

Percussion Parade thru crowd
Simple Twist up Dave
Case of Ice and Snow
Sleep Again
Money Love and Change

Set Two

First Tube
Mud City
The Way I Feel
Inlaw Josie Wales@
Love That Breaks All Lines@
Sultans Of Swing


Gotta Jibboo
Last Tube>
Bar 17
46 Days

Show Notes:
@Trey solo acoustic.

~Show was ridiculously good. Went in with no real expectations, other than wanting to have fun, and basically got my face melted.

After marching in off Market St. and on to stage through the crowd the Stash opener was totally unexpected and very cool w/ the horns. Crowd was singing along and having a ball. STuD & Drifting were great, perfect balance of horns & Trey. Case was brilliant IMO. Loved this song on Bar 17 and thought it stood out Friday night. ML&C was where Trey really got cookin'. Incredible build ups and multiple peaks. Loved it. My buddies and I commented they should'a ended Set I right there and walked off. We thought it was tough to follow yourself after that ML&C, but Cincinatti was the perfect way to cap off the first set.

Second set was a great topper. 1st Tube was the heat. Way different than the usual old Fat Tony bassline. Trey's taking this one in different directions. The Mud City may have been the highlight of the night energy-wise. Just when you thought Big Red was peaking he'd take it to another level. Wasn't expecting much when it started, but it was by far the funnest jam of the night. The notes @ BT said something about a "Shop Tape" jam, but I swore Trey & teh Ladies were singing "Drop Dead!". Way I Feel was very welcome, perfect placement after the jam of the night and a perfect time to light up and recharge. Nice funk followed by what appeared to be some minor confusion between Trey & band, then Trey boots everybody off-stage for the acoustic session. Well played, not so well sung, but the emotion was definetley there. Love that Breaks was solid. The Sultans was a perfect way to end the set, no great Trey jams, but the horns shined, and Trey was having a blast. I thought all night Trey seemed to be haivng more fun and playing with more gusto than I've seen in him since pre-hiatus Phish. I know that's a bold statement, but I think great things are to come if he stays this course. (flame away)

The encore really needed to deliver after the half acoustic set and deliver it did. At least 45 minutes long, sweet Jiboo, and what Trey said was Tony's request of Last Tube blended nicely into Bar 17. Trey briefly put his guitar down and picked it back up for a 46 Days exit march out on to Market.

Great night..........

12-10-2006, 08:00 PM
im leaving for the wiltern now, and this made me even more excited.