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Originally Posted by gweeps View Post
I'm probably not saying anything mindblowing here, but boy does the new Sugar Will lyric stink. The chorus makes even less sense now than it did back in 2004. The verses are so terribly plain. Where's the dangerous mystery from the drafts of 2004? Man, Dave has lost his improvisational edge. That's such a damn sad shame.
Sugar Will is such a shell of what it is was, agreed. I wasn't excited to hear it at CVille even though that was the first time hearing it live. So pumped when it started, so dissapointed how little I liked it after. But, I've always never been a big fan of the song in general. Even in '04, it wasn't one of favorities. I thought Crazy Easy was the best and GGT had a lot of potential. Sugar Will never sounded close to finished ever to me. The new versions sound like a band that forced themselves to finish an incomplete song. It's so incredibly contrived. I agree with Dave that it's better to move on and write new stuff because you can't capture the magic of those songs again like they were when they first happened.
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