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Originally Posted by mario View Post
It may also be compensation for his carpel tunnel. (I know you know this) the higher angle provides more leverage in the the elbow instead of the wrist.
Yup. I would agree with Mario on this, and that's rare. I also play guitar, and I can vouch that timh made some valid points. Clearly he's holding and playing the guitar differently now than he used to. But he's angling the neck up to make it easier on his wrist, especially for harder songs. If you notice, the angle changes especially on songs like Crash, because it actually hurts to play. I've tried playing that song normally and then angled up like Dave does now, and the way he play now its WAY easier on the wrist and doesn't hurt as much. He also has the strap on and has it up pretty high, so that the guitar is closer to his neck, which also makes it much easier to play and move around on it.

So basically, I don't think the microphone has anything to do with it at all. I think it's totally an age thing/carpal tunnel thing. Not having the mics though is affecting the sound, especially for live releases. Direct guitar is nowhere near as good sounding as mic'ing. Seems like FOH if they did use both signals, they mixed up together for a nice blend. Now, it's just straight DI and it sounds VERY plugged in. No so much Tim, but Dave's guitars really don't sound as good and that's probably one of the main reasons (aside from it not being a Martin)

P.S.--Sloppiness can also just be from lack of practice. It's very possible Dave barely plays anymore when he's not on tour. Obviously none of us know that, but, he certainly doesn't seem to practice as often as he might have been back in the day.
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