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Originally Posted by Yeedog View Post
Do you think that has to do with age or the makeup of the band?

In the 90's and early 2000's Carter did more because there was more space in the music and it allowed for it. I think we would all agree we became fans from this version of DMB sound and not really what they are putting out today. Carter's drumming was a large part of that sound for me.

In the past 10 years you have Tim taking a more prominent role in the sound of songs and you have the horn section which is also a large voice. So Carter may be approaching this from the idea that he doesn't need to fill in space because other people will.

Based off of the Warehouse Sessions I think a Dave, Carter, Stefan Trio type tour would probably allow carter to do more of those small things we all loved about him again because there would be space to fill. I'm not saying it would be tour stop #1, but over time I think he will recognize the situation.
I agree. I've seen Tim mentioned as a fourth member of this tour but I'd rather the three of them and have Carter do his thing. Tim would likely be a more entertaining show and maybe even sound better overall but I'd love to see Carter open himself back up and play behind Dave and Stefan.
Long live the Matthews Band
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