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Now that's Oldstyle
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This set the other night is amazing. Don Was recorded them all so I’ll be eager to hear a sbd of this.

New York, New York
Crossed Out Name
Hard Way to Fall
Harder Now That It's Over
Why Do They Leave?
Withering Heights
The Rescue Blues
English Girls Approximately
Jacksonville Skyline
Please Do Not Let Me Go
Dancing with the Women at the Bar
Now That You're Gone
Call Me on Your Way Back Home
Cannonball Days
My Blue Manhattan
This House Is Not for Sale
Afraid Not Scared
Strawberry Wine
Dear John
Romeo & Juliet
Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
If I Am a Stranger
In My Time of Need
Wild Flowers
Chin Up, Cheer Up
Miss Sunflower
Sylvia Plath
I See Monsters
It's Not That Kind of Night
When the Stars Go Blue
Do I Wait
Come Pick Me Up
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