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-1- seek up
-2- pig
-3- the stone
-4- best of what's around
-5- Raven
-6- hello again (live pre-2018)
-7- typical situation
-8- crush
-9- #41
-10- dreaming tree
-11- bartender
-12- you never know
-13- recently
-14- drive in drive out
-15- spoon
-16- sugar will
-17- snow outside
-18- rapunzel
-19- rhyme & reason
-20- big eyed fish

HM (in no order):
Why I am
The riff
Grace is gone
Last stop
Lying in the hands of God
Pay for what you get
Two step
Broken things

Fyi, Dodo would be in the top 10 back half. 6-20 could change by the day. Top 5 have been set for quite a while.
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